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Perfect strong eyebrows frame the face, create expression, and can take years off your face. 



Brow Waxing                                                     $15

Lash or Brow Tint                                              $10

Brow Waxing and Brow Tint Package                  $20

Brow Waxing, Brow Tint and Lash Tint Package  $30



About Face



Unwanted facial hair growth can be quite troublesome and embarrassing. Women who may need facial waxing done

  • Have a lot of and/or real long peach fuzz
  • ethnic women can have a lot of fine dark facial hair
  • thicker strands of facial hair start showing up as women age


Lip, Chin or Sideburns                               $10

Cheek or Forehead                                    $15



Getting Sexy



 Some of us just like to feel more tidy...


Bikini                                                          $25

Full Legs                                                    $40+

Half Legs                                                    $25+

Full Arms                                                    $25+

Half Arms                                                   $15+

Under Arms                                                $15+







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